Monday, June 30, 2008


I was sitting all alone in the dark, deep in thought. It was a quiet evening without even a hint of a breeze - warm and sultry and I was enjoying the solitude.

Suddenly I heard it....a strange sound, almost like a whisper in the leaves of the palm tree outside the window. I was curious to see what the sudden sound was, so I stepped outside onto the patio.I could not believe my eyes!! Straight ahead was a friend of mine with her daughter floating on a carpet!!

Surely that was impossible, but I saw it with my own eyes - were my eyes deceiving me? Another shock was in store for me!! As I looked up at this incredible scene, I saw the sun and the moon in the dark night sky together. Surely this was a figment of my imagination!! Even greater was my surprise when my friend spoke to me and invited me to join them on their flight of fantasy.

Without hesitation I found myself moving closer, and being pulled up onto the magic carpet. As soon as I was settled I felt the wind through my hair with a swoosh sound as we sped through the air. Far below us I saw the city lights and the reflection of the sun and the moon on the ocean. It was the most incredulous feeling - absolute silence, but for the wind rushing past my ears. I have never experienced such peace before - such beauty. The burnished sky and its reflection in the water below was something no words can describe. I wish I had my camera with me so that I could share that moment with all the people I left behind....all those who would not believe my tale when I returned home.

Home!! Suddenly I wondered - will I ever get home again but this did not bother me too much. I could stay where I was forever and not regret a moment of it!!

My friends and I were chatting and laughing while we nibbled on some fruit and enjoyed the juice that was right there in a basket on the carpet. We were having this lovely picnic while flying over trees and rooftops and enjoying the unbelievable beauty all around us.

Eventually I saw that we had gone full circle and my house was coming closer and closer. That is when it hit me that my awesome journey was over, and I had to return to the every day life at home. I was quite sad at this knowledge, but I realized that life had to continue. I had this beautiful life - a life that, in reality, was great. It was an unbelievable experience to fly through the air on a magic carpet, but reality is just as good.

In reality too much magic would become boring and mundane - the same way we sometimes think our lives are boring and mundane. How does the saying go.... Too much of a good thing isn't good any more!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Only a time to rest....

I know that many people think of winter as the end of growth. The end of life.....

I believe that there is no end to the cycle of is a circle without end.

Winter is merely the rest period that everything needs before new life begins. First all the leaves change into the most brilliant colours - red & yellow, Amber & gold, just like Joseph's multi coloured coat. Then they leave their home on the plants and find a resting place somewhere down below. Soon the trees are barren, dry - looking sticks embedded in the earth - arms reaching out to the heavens - for what, I wonder.

When I see the beautifully coloured leaves floating downwards they remind me of fairies flying around, seeking a nice resting place for winter. Somewhere to wait until the next life cycle starts. These leaves will join the soil in helping feed the plants when they are ready for the new cycle to start in spring .

The barren trees and plants let more sun filter through to give us extra warmth for the cold winter's days. We are all seeking warmth in our lives, and here these trees, that most people see as ugly and bare, share their spot in the sun with us. Nature is always prepared to share with us, whatever the season - whether in abundance of fruit and shade in summer, or sunshine in winter. Why can't we all learn from nature - be as unselfish as nature!!

The bear sleeps all through winter, and will emerge from hibernation with the tiniest of tiny cubs at the end of winter. Winter also came along to give the bear the rest she needed to produce new life!

Just like the leaves on the trees change their colour in fall and winter, I know that my hair is also changing colour in the autumn of my life. Just like the leaves unite with the soil, I know that I will also become one with the soil again - dust to dust. I know that when that time comes for me, I will only have a rest while I wait for my new cycle of life to start in the arms of my Creator. It will not be the end of life, but the start of a new cycle.

The eternal circle with no beginning and no end.

Here are a few quotes for you to enjoy:

“Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.”

“For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned it is the season of the harvest.”..........The Talmud quotes
“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” ..................................................Hal Borland