Monday, May 4, 2009


Where does life's Road take us - we don't know - but could we have the faith of a child and run along believing that the road will take us to where our destiny lies.....

Coincidence or Destiny?

Communicating with people is one thing I derive a lot of pleasure from. I also pride myself on having quite a good memory - possibly because I take a real interest when I chat with others.

I also believe that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason, and here is an unbelievable but true story - something that happened to me.

I live in South Africa and my last name is Weimann..... A while back I received a message on Face Book from someone with the same last name, inquiring about our family background with the idea of possibly finding a connection. Although this gentleman used to live in South Africa, he had emigrated to the USA some years ago. It turned out that we did not seem to be related, and that was the end of that - or so I thought!!

About 30 days ago I received a message from a lady - also on Face Book - inquiring whether I knew someone, once again with the same last name as mine. She told me that she had applied for a passport for her daughter, and upon receipt of the passport, realized that it was not her daughter's, but the canceled passport of a little girl - the name she mentioned with the last name Weimann. She said that she would like to return the passport to the girl's parents as that is what she would have wished for herself had it been her daughter.

I immediately replied telling her that I live in South Africa and that the passport obviously belonged to someone in the USA. Her response to me was that she saw that I am from South Africa and the reason that she contacted me was that there were some entries in the passport to and from South Africa, so she thought that I may know the family. Then I remembered the gentleman who had contacted me before, and looked at his profile, and to my surprise, he actually lives in the same city as the lady who had the passport. I sent his details to her, and in turn she contacted him.

I think you know by now where I am going with this..... This man was the girl's father!! They arranged to meet so that the canceled passport could go to its rightful place!

Was it coincidence or destiny that brought the three of us together. I live thousands of miles away from two people who live in the same country, in the same city, and yet I was the instrument which was used to connected the two with each other.... three strangers who met by chance....coincidence, or destiny??