Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once in a lifetime - 09/09/09

This morning I received a text message from a friend and it reminded me of how privileged we are to receive Blessings every day.

The message......

"What a special day..... 09/09/09 and we will only experience this once in our lifetime BUT.... God blesses us 90x90x90 times."

This statement is very true , but I want to add something to it....... What a pity that we so easily forget our blessings.

I know that every year has it's special days like 06/06/06 or 07/07/07, but to me 09/09/09 seems an extra special day - don't ask me why!!

When I think of blessings from God, I don't only think of my own blessings. He blesses every living thing in the universe. Just look around you - besides us humans, we have animals that are blessed with the knowledge of what to do to survive. They know how to bring their young into this world and how to feed them and keep them safe. They have the instinct that God gave them to know what is best for them and their young.

Many plants have a special built in instinct for survival. In drought stricken regions, such as a deserts, some seeds will lie dormant for years until there is a good down pour, which will let them spring into life.

It is a miracle to see arid regions suddenly burst into life with the most amazing plants blooming like there never was a day without them.

God creates new life every minute of the day and what a blessing!! The blessing of survival of all living things. The cycle of life.

Count your Blessings!!!

I love this poem written by Sandra Lewis Pringle.......

The Morning Glory

I awaken to the glory of the morn',
sunshine streaking, birds cheerfully cheeping,
another day is born.

The Morning Glory inaudibly climbs,
and shares its shy beauty, so rare.
And, we know that behind its mystery,
Our Creative God is there.

He blesses us with sunshine,
He blesses us with rain,
because it's only through the showers,
that do we not, remain the same.

So, as this new day awakens,
and I'm cradled securely in Your arms,
May Your love forever keep me safe,
and sheltered from all storms.

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle~